Organic Certificate

Since 2018, we have worked in Organic Project. We developed fields of saffron based on the latest organic standards and increased the fields under cultivation without the use of chemicals in last three years with collaboration by Bio-Inspecta company Swiss.

We can export following organic products:

– Organic Saffron

– Organic Rose Petals

– Organic Rose Bud

– Organic Barberry

– Organic Dried Fig

– Organic Raisin

– Organic Mulberry

– Organic Almond

– Organic Rose Water

– Organic Grapes

– Organic licorice

– Organic Date

– Organic Anise

– Organic Borage

– Organic Arctium

– Organic Chamomile

– Organic Dracocephalum

– Organic Mallow

– Organic Urtica dioica

– Organic Pomegranate

– Organic Tea

– Organic Thyme

– Organic Walnut

– Organic Ziziphora